Drum Chant


I have seen the bubble of my life


I have been the bubble of my life


In the waters of time

No dam of any kind

Can stop the steady

Move of that flow

Here I am

There I go.


Always on the brink of losing my


Fearless on the brink of losing my


Feeling the pull of  destiny

To the perfect place

For me.

It’s so easy in the end

Where I go

There I am.


Here I am

here I am

And where I land

There I grow

Here I am

Here I am

Here I am

And there I go.




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A thoughtful an…

A thoughtful and moving poem for all on this snowy day.

The View From An Attic Window

Among the high-branching, leafless boughs

Above the roof-peaks of the town,

Snowflakes unnumberably come down.

I watched out of the attic window

The laced sway of family trees,

Intricate genealogies
Whose strict, reserved gentility,

Trembling, impossible to bow,

Received the appalling fall of snow.
All during Sunday afternoon,

Not storming, but befittingly,

Out of a still, grey, devout sky,
The snowflakes fell, until all shapes

Went under, and thickening, drunken lines

Cobwebbed the sleep of solemn pines.
Up in the attic, among many things

Inherited and out of style,

I cried, then fell asleep awhile,
Waking at night now, as the snow- flakes from darkness to darkness go

Past yellow lights in the street below.


I cried because life is hopeless and beautiful.

And like a child I cried myself to sleep

High in the head of the house, feeling the hull

Beneath me pitch and roll among the steep

Mountains and valleys of the many years

That brought me to tears.
Down in the cellar, furnace and washing machine,

Pump, fuse-box, water heater, work their hearts

Out at my life, which narrowly runs between

Them and this cemetery of spare parts

For discontinued men, whose hats and canes

Are my rich remains.
And women, their portraits and wedding gowns

Stacked in the corners, brooding in wooden trunks;

And children’s rattles, books about lions and clowns;

And headless, hanging dresses swayed like drunks

Whenever a living footstep shakes the floor;

I mention no more;
But what I thought today, that made me cry,

Is this, that we live in two kinds of thing:

The powerful trees, thrusting into the sky

Their black patience, are one, and that branching

Relation teaches how we endure and grow;

The other is the snow,
Falling in a white chaos from the sky,

As many as the sands of all the seas,

As all the men who died or who will die,

As stars in heaven, as leaves of all the trees;

As Abraham was promised of his seed;

Generations bleed,
Till I, high in the tower of my time

Among familiar ruins, began to cry

For accident, sickness, justice, war and crime,

Because all died, because I had to die.

The snow fell, the trees stood, the promise kept,

And a child I slept.

– Howard Nemerov

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Thoughts on Secession

“Since the threat of secession stopped after the civil war the governmentt has grown to enormous proportions never before envisioned. We should not have to live in fear of our government encroaching on our rights. The government does exist to serve our interests..(not our social welfare) and it should live in fear that our duly elected representatives and their constituency  will enforce our rights, by force if necessary. This all worked fine and good when it was musket on musket…but the existing government would have it so that they still have Apache AH64’s to our .38’s (if we’re lucky). The balance of power has plainly shifted in this country..the only defense is a collective separatist state(s) unified under a common belief. That’s how the whole damn country started to begin with. That right was passed on to us and paid for with sacrifice and it was not intended to be free. The debt we owe in return is the preservation of these founding principles..by any means necessary. If (as crazy as it sounds) that threat does not exist..then what keeps government from doing whatever it wants? It’s a principle that keeps any government honest.” -Chris Ryan

Secession is not sedition. Sedition is trying to overthrow *by force* the authority of the government. And the authority of our government (according to the Constitution) can only be GRANTED by the governed. In fact, the right to open rebellion (sedition) against the U.S. government was fully recognized by the Founding Fathers. I fear we are increasingly trodding the path to a totalitarian state. A very dangerous path, indeed, for unless you are one of the rulers of the ignorant plebes, you are just as vulnerable to the iron fist.

Look at the name of our country- the United States of America. It shows the voluntary nature of the association. We are not called the Federal Units of America.

“The duty of all good patriots is to protect his country from it’s government.” – Thomas Payne

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If the Government Oversteps

The eroding status of our Constitution, and subsequently our rights and freedoms, is becoming more apparent to more Americans every day. The time may soon be coming when citizens will have to act. But it is very difficult to know when the time is or what exactly to do.

I won’t concern myself here with personal preparations. There are hundreds of sites which more than adequately address prepping. My concern is the larger issues. How do we come together as a people (“out of many, one”) to form consensus on the ‘red line’ that is the signal to take action? What mechanism can we use to draw together the hundreds of thousands concerned individuals and groups? How do we communicate coordinated action if the government shuts down everything? Who will be our leader, and how will we recognize our martyrs?

We stand a slim chance resisting the tyranny of a rogue government under the best of circumstances. They have the tactics, training and ‘toys’ which would truly make resistance futile without concerted action, pre-planning, and a trusted leader.

The trusted leader (TL) would have be held in a high degree of respect and be fairly well known. S/he would have to be accepting and unafraid of the high cost of martyrdom both for themself, and their family. The leader would have to be knowledgeable, a good communicator, and competent in many arenas.

The first step the TL would need to accomplish is get a dialogue going to thresh out what the consensus ‘trigger point’ should be. I suspect the best option is to have several trigger points: political, economic, privacy, property rights, etc. When one of these points are reached, it should be a signal to implement plans of stepped action.

The first plan should involve massive, organized, non-violent resistance. By this I mean not just demonstrations, but concrete acts; mass refusal to pay income tax, ‘flash mobbing’ road, train, plane and bus checkpoints and such. We need a plan.

The government will push back, because it is all about contol, not responsiveness. If the government comes in small force for your guns, and you resist as you should, you and most of your family will likely die to no gain. If they come for your guns and in minutes there is an angry crowd of 100 neighbors willing to stand up with you, it becomes much more problematic to them. How can we organize people to do this in advance? How do we alert each other? We need a plan.

If the Supreme Court rules against the long-standing ‘first sale’ standard, it will basically mean the destruction of property rights as we know it. That car you finally paid off? You’ll need to pay a portion to General Motors when you go to sell it. Yard sales? Thrift stores? Off the table. We will be serfs paying a tithe to corporations forever, and never fully owning things. If this ruling happens, we need something like thousands of people to openly hold yard sales in the town square, on the same day and time, in defiance.  We need to recruit companies big and small to refuse to collect these fees. We need a plan.

One of the most effective actions that the government can do to undermine resistance is to cut power, kill the internet and interrupt phone service. The OathKeepers.org is well aware of this and is setting up “Operation Sleeping Giant”, to address communication problems via ham radio relays and other methods. Of course, these methods can be jammed and intercepted. We need multiple methods of communications, from simple to high tech. We need a plan.

We need to know who our martyrs are. If you can simply disappear into indefinite detention, how will even your own family (let alone the country)  know with surety that you’ve been taken by the government. I have a very simple and quick sign to leave my family should I ever be taken from my home. No officials will ever be able to obfuscate the situation by implying I ran off or was abducted. I have a signal if I’m ambushed away from home. We need a plan.

There are a huge number of guns, sympathetic trained former and current military/police, engineers, pilots, and thoughtful, talented people in the USA. With organization, dedication, and planning their will would be unstoppable.

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Night Mare stamps her foot in passion

Breaking light into fractions

Thus destroying the end of day

and building a place where she can play.

Hers is never a harmless course

the endless race you won’t endorse

she’ll buck you off into the dirt

and trample through deep, private hurts.

Now climb down from your Night Mare ride

twist and turn in effort to hide

as you wait for echoes to fade

that the fearsome hooves of Night Mare made.

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