If the Government Oversteps

The eroding status of our Constitution, and subsequently our rights and freedoms, is becoming more apparent to more Americans every day. The time may soon be coming when citizens will have to act. But it is very difficult to know when the time is or what exactly to do.

I won’t concern myself here with personal preparations. There are hundreds of sites which more than adequately address prepping. My concern is the larger issues. How do we come together as a people (“out of many, one”) to form consensus on the ‘red line’ that is the signal to take action? What mechanism can we use to draw together the hundreds of thousands concerned individuals and groups? How do we communicate coordinated action if the government shuts down everything? Who will be our leader, and how will we recognize our martyrs?

We stand a slim chance resisting the tyranny of a rogue government under the best of circumstances. They have the tactics, training and ‘toys’ which would truly make resistance futile without concerted action, pre-planning, and a trusted leader.

The trusted leader (TL) would have be held in a high degree of respect and be fairly well known. S/he would have to be accepting and unafraid of the high cost of martyrdom both for themself, and their family. The leader would have to be knowledgeable, a good communicator, and competent in many arenas.

The first step the TL would need to accomplish is get a dialogue going to thresh out what the consensus ‘trigger point’ should be. I suspect the best option is to have several trigger points: political, economic, privacy, property rights, etc. When one of these points are reached, it should be a signal to implement plans of stepped action.

The first plan should involve massive, organized, non-violent resistance. By this I mean not just demonstrations, but concrete acts; mass refusal to pay income tax, ‘flash mobbing’ road, train, plane and bus checkpoints and such. We need a plan.

The government will push back, because it is all about contol, not responsiveness. If the government comes in small force for your guns, and you resist as you should, you and most of your family will likely die to no gain. If they come for your guns and in minutes there is an angry crowd of 100 neighbors willing to stand up with you, it becomes much more problematic to them. How can we organize people to do this in advance? How do we alert each other? We need a plan.

If the Supreme Court rules against the long-standing ‘first sale’ standard, it will basically mean the destruction of property rights as we know it. That car you finally paid off? You’ll need to pay a portion to General Motors when you go to sell it. Yard sales? Thrift stores? Off the table. We will be serfs paying a tithe to corporations forever, and never fully owning things. If this ruling happens, we need something like thousands of people to openly hold yard sales in the town square, on the same day and time, in defiance.  We need to recruit companies big and small to refuse to collect these fees. We need a plan.

One of the most effective actions that the government can do to undermine resistance is to cut power, kill the internet and interrupt phone service. The OathKeepers.org is well aware of this and is setting up “Operation Sleeping Giant”, to address communication problems via ham radio relays and other methods. Of course, these methods can be jammed and intercepted. We need multiple methods of communications, from simple to high tech. We need a plan.

We need to know who our martyrs are. If you can simply disappear into indefinite detention, how will even your own family (let alone the country)  know with surety that you’ve been taken by the government. I have a very simple and quick sign to leave my family should I ever be taken from my home. No officials will ever be able to obfuscate the situation by implying I ran off or was abducted. I have a signal if I’m ambushed away from home. We need a plan.

There are a huge number of guns, sympathetic trained former and current military/police, engineers, pilots, and thoughtful, talented people in the USA. With organization, dedication, and planning their will would be unstoppable.

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  1. spamalot says:

    We do have similar thoughts..

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