Thoughts on Secession

“Since the threat of secession stopped after the civil war the governmentt has grown to enormous proportions never before envisioned. We should not have to live in fear of our government encroaching on our rights. The government does exist to serve our interests..(not our social welfare) and it should live in fear that our duly elected representatives and their constituency  will enforce our rights, by force if necessary. This all worked fine and good when it was musket on musket…but the existing government would have it so that they still have Apache AH64’s to our .38’s (if we’re lucky). The balance of power has plainly shifted in this country..the only defense is a collective separatist state(s) unified under a common belief. That’s how the whole damn country started to begin with. That right was passed on to us and paid for with sacrifice and it was not intended to be free. The debt we owe in return is the preservation of these founding any means necessary. If (as crazy as it sounds) that threat does not exist..then what keeps government from doing whatever it wants? It’s a principle that keeps any government honest.” -Chris Ryan

Secession is not sedition. Sedition is trying to overthrow *by force* the authority of the government. And the authority of our government (according to the Constitution) can only be GRANTED by the governed. In fact, the right to open rebellion (sedition) against the U.S. government was fully recognized by the Founding Fathers. I fear we are increasingly trodding the path to a totalitarian state. A very dangerous path, indeed, for unless you are one of the rulers of the ignorant plebes, you are just as vulnerable to the iron fist.

Look at the name of our country- the United States of America. It shows the voluntary nature of the association. We are not called the Federal Units of America.

“The duty of all good patriots is to protect his country from it’s government.” – Thomas Payne

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